Equipment Classes

Pilates Reformer & Equipment Classes

Equipment is a classic part of the Pilates practice. Not to replace mat work, but to compliment and enhance it! Our full body, mixed level classes will support and challenge you. Space is limited so be sure to register in advance.

  • REFORMER BASICS – Suitable for all levels. Find the FUN in the fundamentals of Pilates Reformer movement. This slower paced class will introduce you to the equipment and focus on core form.  Become comfortable moving and learning how to stabilize on an unstable surface. Recommended for a beginning student and challenging enough for a more experienced mover.
  • REFORMER – Prior reformer or Private session required. After which, all levels welcome. Add a new dimension of strength training to your Pilates practice. With spring resistance, you can add assistance for weakness or challenge for advancement in this full body workout.  Small class sizes (4) allow instructors to give everyone personal attention to each client for a deeper workout.
  • TOWER – Suitable for all levels. Combine the essential principles of mat work with the benefits of the Pilates Tower equipment. Through a system of springs and bars, the equipment supports the body to ensure proper stabilization and positioning, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles.
  • CARDIO REFORMER (JUMP-BOARD) –  Previous jumping experience required. A full intensity, whole body, no impact, cardio class using the jump board on the reformer. This class utilizes intermittent ‘jumping’ to strengthen your core and get the heart pumping.  Have fun “floating” on the carriage while focusing on strength, coordination, stamina and core stability.
  • CIRCUIT – Pilates equipment experience required. Change up your workout by using several pieces of Pilates equipment (including reformer, tower, wunda-chair, mat and various props).  This class utilizes multiple stations on a mix of equipment in 2 minute exercise intervals and adds in cardio for that extra Kick! Get a full body workout that challenges every major muscle group while focusing on your execution. Its our Pilates Happy Hour!