Kelly Bockman


Pilates Instructor

• Certified Pilates Instructor
• CPR Certified

Strength in the Details

Kelly is a Body Arts and Science International Certified Pilates Instructor with an emphasis in Dance Conditioning since 2004. She graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance with a focus on kinesiology. Kelly has extensive formal ballet training from Ahita Ardaland of the Paris Opera Ballet and the late Erling Sunde a Master teacher at the Royal Ballet in London.

Kelly has been teaching Pilates in a Physical Therapy Clinic since 2005. She has spent most her life focusing her efforts in learning about body movement patterns and the complexity of human anatomy.  As a young mother of 2, she uses her Pilates training for prenatal and postnatal rehabilitation and strengthening of the spine and pelvis. She has experienced first hand how muscular balance, flexibility, and skeletal support are directly effected by core strength.

Kelly’s positive energy, innovative classes and keen eye for detail make her a dynamic instructor who is always ready to have fun. Kelly’s specialty is accommodating a wide range of clients: men and women, all ages, athletes, injuries, and those just wanting to look and feel their best.