Pilates Instructor

• Certified Mat Pilates Instructor • CPR/AED Certified

Movement has always been Tania’s life. Her first introduction to formal training was ballet, at the age of 5. Tania danced for over 20 years, mainly in ballet but also in Modern, Jazz, Tap, Character and Russian. She trained at The Contra Costa Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and attained her Dance degree at UC Irvine where she first started taking pilates with Diane Diefenderfer. She was a founding member, both performing and fundraising for the now defunct Hartfel Ballet based out of Tustin, CA.

In 2001 she became an avid yoga practitioner, took spin classes and continued her pilates. In March of 2020, she knew she needed to stay healthy both physically and mentally, so she started offering free fitness classes on zoom to her friends and family. She then got her Personal Training certificate through NASM in May of 2021. She started pilates mat training and got certified through Balanced Body with Kelly Leonardi. Tania is continuing to expand her pilates knowledge as she trains on other apparatuses that Joseph Pilates invented like the reformer and chair.

Tania lives in Long Beach with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves to bake and enjoys camping in her travel trailer with friends. “I call myself a movement investigator”, she says. “If I can uncover what needs strengthening or stretching and my clients feel better because of that, then I’ve done something right.” Tania is thrilled to be at Form and Movement and looks forward to bringing her knowledge to everyone there.