The Studio

The best Pilates experience in Long Beach

The Studio

We are the only Pilates studio on the Bay in Long Beach and Seal Beach. Breathe in the salt air and breathe out the stress of your day. Enjoy your favorite Pilates or yoga classes in a fun and safe environment. Once inside, the first thing you will notice is our friendly, open, clean space. 

We are passionate about offering the best comprehensive Pilates and yoga experience with our a full array of Mat and Equipment classes. See faster results with our full body workouts that are diverse and stimulating.

The studio is fully equipped with Alegro II reformers, towers, Wunda chairs, spine corrector and the Pilatesstick®. We teach using multiple pieces of equipment to make every session unique. Incorporating a variety of props (Pilates circles, stability balls, foam rollers, etc.) adds challenge or modification to every workout. 

In 2018 we became one of the first Certified Green Businesses in Long Beach. We encourage a car-less commute with incentives in our Green Commute initiative.  Learn more here: commute flier