Pilates FAQ

Pilates is a full body sculpting workout that focuses on core strength and postural alignment. By connecting breath to movement Pilates becomes a mindful way to exercise.  A flow of movement will create flexibility, challenge endurance and stabilize core muscles. Pilates exercises focus on precision and control of movement which can be performed on a mat and using various pieces of equipment. The method will create a strong, lean musculature.

A Short History

Joseph Pilates originally developed his exercises for male athletes in the early 1900’s. His methodology encourages strength through controlled movement and the use of breath. Equipment invented by Joseph using pulleys and springs enabled people with all ability levels to workout.

Joseph Pilates is famous for linking the flexibility of the spine to a person’s health and youth. It is no wonder his methodology focuses on creating strength and flexibility of core muscles that support spinal movement. Learning how to engage and use the deep muscles of the body will allow you to move and feel better.
women on reformer back view modern pilates
For the most optimal experience, we highly encourage new clients book an Intro Private (one-on-one) session. Pilates has a very specific focus on form unlike most workouts. This session is designed to introduce you to these concepts and exercises. You will also get a chance to become familiar with the various pieces of equipment.

Our experienced Instructors happily work with clients from all backgrounds from seniors struggling with chronic conditions to the most elite athletes. Feel supported, stronger and more balanced in our custom designed sessions. Become familiar with the specific Pilates movement and your body – all at your own pace!

  • All fitness and experience levels are welcome! PILATES MAT classes are the best group classes to start with. This full body workout will challenge you and allow you to become familiar with pilates exercises and method. 
  • We also offer a REFORMER BASICS Group class which is taught at a slower pace so you get comfortable using equipment and stabilizing on an unstable surface. Our highly skilled instructors can easily accommodate clients needing modifications or can increase the challenge in any class.
  • Client walk-in’s are always welcomed. We keep our class sizes small so each client can get personal attention for the deepest workout each session.  Certain class times are very popular so we recommend making advanced reservations to make sure you get into your favorite classes.

We are happy to assist you book your first class reservation by emailing us at info@formandmovement.com call or text (562) 357-3747. Our Studio also offers online class scheduling through MindBody. Once in our system, you can download the APP to manage your own group class schedule.

  • Class reservations can be cancelled online using the MindBody APP or by contacting the studio email info@formandmovement.com call or text (562) 357-3747 within the policy window. Click Studio Policies for more information.
  • Private appointments can be cancelled by contacting the studio email info@formandmovement.com call or text (562) 357-3747 within the policy window. Click Studio Policies for more information.
  • For sanitary reasons, we require socks be worn inside the studio (past the lobby) and for all workouts. Grip-Socks (non-skid socks) are highly recommended. You can check out a full outline of Studio Policies in footer.
  • Wear comfy clothing that does not restrict movement and is not overly baggy. The instructor will want to see how you move to better assist you.
Water, grip-socks and a willingness to have fun!

Some clients bring a towel but that is optional.

Forgot something? We sell bottled water and grip socks in the lobby.