See rapid results and feel the changes in your body. This full-body MAT workout is ideal for beginners yet challenging enough for the more experienced student. Get individual attention from our skilled instructors in our interactive classes.

  • PILATES on the MAT – Suitable for all levels. Join us in studio or online… wherever you are comfortable for this feel good class! Floor exercises with a flow of movement will focus on building core strength, balance, flexibility and establish the mind body connection.  The creative addition of props (Pilates circle, weights, stability balls, foam roller, etc.) will challenge your endurance or assist for modification making this class different every time.
  • BARRE  – Suitable for all levels. Suitable for all levels – Incorporates elements of dance, ballet, and Pilates to create a cardio intense workout that strengthens and lengthens the body. Each class features a combination of movements that flow seamlessly, enhancing flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core. No prior Pilates experience or dance training required.
  • TRX +SCULPT – Suitable for all levels. A combination of TRX suspension and strength with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Wear athletic shoes to this dynamic suspension class
  • PILATES SCULPT – Suitable for all levels. A fast paced Pilates/ barre fusion workout using props -weights, ball, band etc.  Pilates exercises combined with dance inspired flow will increase heart rate for a complete sculpting workout.
  • STRETCH-A-LATESSuitable for all levels. Combine the flow and feel good opening stretches of Yoga with the core strengthening work of Mat Pilates. Join your breath with movement which improves the mind body connection while you generate heat, work on balance and focus on your core in this unique fusion class. 
  • VINYASA YOGA FLOW – Suitable for all levels. Focus on the synchronization of breath and movement while creating heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Yoga postures flow together in a sequence that complements those that precede and follow. Move at a slower pace and expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.