Sara Slagle


Pilates Instructor

• Certified Pilates Instructor
• Professional Dancer
• CPR Certified

Pilates, Dance & Rehabilitation

Sara Slagle born and raised in Austin, TX. She found her love for movement through dance at 7 years old. After graduating from CSULB with a degree in Dance, she continued dancing professionally for 2 years.

Sara completed her BASI Pilates certification with dance specialization under the guidance of Karen Clippinger. While teaching at several Physical Therapy clinics, she began exploring Pilates with a focus in rehabilitation.  In these clinics she has learned specific techniques to modify and adjust movement while a client/patient is getting ready for a procedure and post-op healing and strengthening. She most commonly works with clients who have undergone hip and knee surgeries. Sara’s passion for movement has grown and she is looking forward to sharing her love with Form and Movement.