LeiLahni DiMeglio


Pilates Instructor, Owner

• Certified Pilates Instructor
• CPR/AED Certified
• Certified Barre Instructor
• Certificates in specialized movement pathologies and injuries

Mind, Body, Balance

Lahni is constantly in awe of the positive effects that focused practice in Form & Movement can have on the mind and body. Her love for Pilates began in 2006 after a back injury sustained while snowboarding. Through Pilates she experienced first hand how the mind/ body connection can deepen exercises to develop a balanced musculature and proper posture to relieve back pain.

In 2012, she began her journey into Pilates education at BASI Academy in Costa Mesa, CA. Since then, it has been her dream and passion to show everyBODY the wonderful and life changing effects of Pilates.

During her time as an apprentice to Rael Isacowitz at the BASI Academy, Lahni experienced first hand what it takes to become a great instructor and that it isn’t just a learned skill but an art form. As a result, she not only seeks to make her classes fun but also sees the value in continued education to better assist special movement populations.

Lahni has specialized training and Certificates in: Pathologies & Injuries, Pre/postnatal, Shoulder impingement, Hip & Knee pathologies, Spinal issues, Athletes, and Pelvic Floor Disfunction.

With the addition of Barre classes to her personal fitness routine, she experienced a significant change in her body. These results were added muscle definition and a leaner, tighter physique. Pilates and Barre classes quickly became Lahni’s favorite ways to sweat.

Her background in retail management and education (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM); BA California State University, Fullerton) fueled her passion for helping others. She learned that personal growth comes from goal setting, positive coaching and taking a sincere personal interest in others. Through Pilates she continues to assist clients in their journey to health and fitness by setting progressive and attainable goals.